Alpha Phi Omega learning Center or better known as APOLC is an initiative oraganized by Alpha Phi Omega to provide free education to indigent children. APOLC Angono was founded by APO Ang ALAS on the year 2010 and since then APOAAS was closely working with them as a part of the contributors for financial support.

March 25, 2012 marks an important day for all of us since we have helped to give eduction to those who can not afford it and maybe sometime produce the next generation of leaders. Indirectly we have helped on molding the childrens future to become good citizens with the proper start of education and to at least one day exemplify the ideals of our beloved Alpha Phi Omega, which is Being a Leader, a Friend, and Being of Service.

I would like to extend our gratitude to the APOLC administrators, organizers, sponsors and APO Ang ALAS for making the APOLC concept a reality and now a success! Mabuhay kayo mga kapatid! Mabuhay ang Alpha Phi Omega!

Join me in congratulating the winners of the recently concluded APOAAS Bowling Tournament 2012! It was a night full of fun and extictement as Brothers and Sisters of Alpha Phi Omega compete for the title of Best Bowler and the throne of the Team Champion.  Kudos to the Sports Committee on organizing such a successful event! See you all on the next sports activity...and next time don't miss the fun! (Please click on Read more... to see the pictures)

May 12, 2001 is marked into history as the birth of the Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association of Singapore (APOAAS). Growing its roots 11 years ago bloomed a sturdy oak tree in where the ideals of Leadership, Friendship and being of Service has endured the test of time. 

SOS(Save our Souls, Help!)...? What does it mean to you? According to, it is the letters represented by the morse code signal “… --- …”, used as an international  distress signal or a call for HELP. Yes, Help!

To our brethren, Alpha Phi Omega, SOS is a common call for support or back-up those who need  help or those who are in trouble. We respond to this call with the undying principle that binds  us together to serve humanity and once again will answer the call with cheerfulness, passion,  hope and faith to our fellow kababayans at the Filipino Workers Resource Centre.

3rd March 2012 7:00pm; Its the day of the event and everyone is on their heels for the final preparations. Everyone was early to arrive at the venue; committee members are on the run to organize their crew and positions. Ticket sales is on the go and the committee pushes for final advertisment runs to promote the event. I felt an overwhelming feeling of reverence when I saw the venue, top 5, for the first time. Its just so grand that comes at par to the best concert venues in town. A lot of people were really impressed on the detail put into creating such venue.