This year’s International Coastal Cleanup Singapore (ICCS) was held on the 17thof September 2011 and again on its 5thconsecutive year of participation, the Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association of Singapore (APOAAS) was able to collect about 129kg of trash from Pasir Ris Beach area 3 and Sungei Api-Api mangrove. With more than 20 brothers, sisters and friends participating in the event, in the spirit of community service, it was a huge success and we’re looking forward for next year’s ICCS.


Granting that the data being collected locally and all over the world during this annual international event will in any way help save our environment particularly our waterways thru the awareness of various government and non-government agencies of the current trash problem were facing today and the very near future. 

Detailed results of the cleanup can be viewed here.