givebloodsavelifeIt was a successful Blood Donation Campaign project for Alpha Phi Omega Alumni Association (Singapore), and the feeling of Donating Blood to Save Lives is the very key factor that motivates our Brothers, Sisters, Friends and Colleagues to undertake such personal conviction to attend to this endeavor.
Alpha Phi Omega International Fraternity and Sorority is always been known worldwide as a Service oriented organization, thus we commit ourselves that we will still organize such Blood Donation Activity or if the need arises.
This could not happened if not for the APO Brothers and Sisters and our Colleague, Friends and Relatives who themselves sacrifice their Blood and Time, thus it is them that makes this project a success.
By the way APO (Singapore) had the privileged to be featured to a local Singapore Chinese Newspaper, many thanks to Ms. Stephanie of Singapore Press Holdings who was there and gathering some certain events for their next newspaper write-up. But It was a privileged indeed to have some certain publicity, but though our noble project was part of our cardinal of Service to Others, we hope that this media publicity would further result on a positive outlook from their readers, that Donating Blood is one noble human act.
APO Brothers and Sister who donated Blood
APO Friends and Colleagues who also donated Blood
Sis Minerva and Brod Bimboi, for the T-Shirt and Logo Design
Sis Maureen for coordinating the promotion with Pinoy.SG
Brod Eric, Geoffrey and for those who brought their Digital Camera for the Picture(Documentation)
HSA (Health Science Authority) Singapore
Red Cross Singapore
Perry Liu of Red Cross Singapore
Cecille Tan - Director of Red Cross Singapore
Pinoy Star (Singapore)
Ms. Stephanie of Singapore Press Holdings