Vice Presidentiable Brother Mayor Jejomar Binay visits Singapore for a two day trip. He is the guest of honor of Boy Scouts of Singapore, purposely to share his speech on Saturday. He was expected to land Singapore February 26, 2010 at 11:30 PM Friday.

This message was passed to Bro. Pres. Edward Sarmiento of APOAAS through National President Mel Adriano and immediately a surprise warm welcome was planned. A Campaign SMS to notify all brods and sis encouraging to meet him personally and show how we treat our dear Brod positively preparing for WARM WELCOME from APOAASingapore.


 That time came in almost 30 members with the officers of APOAAS were present and excited to meet the Honorable Brother Vice Presidentiable Candidate - Mayor Jejomar Binay. Everyone cheer and apluaded and get the hand of Brod Binay. One by one until all brods exchange grasp the APO handshake. Photos cliking every now and then and all APO brods and Sis were very happy. You can see the smile at there faces.

Since he has schedule for tomorrow morning, the warm welcome need to end. But before part ways Brod Binay mentioned, he is free to roam around and have fellowship with the brods and sis the whole Sunday February 28, 2010 and meet our fellow Kababayans.

Immediatey the APOAAS Officers planned on how to anchor Brod Binay the Sunday event and escorting him well mingling with our fellow kababayans. After deliberation, the set plan was finalized and different teams of brods and sis was tasked. This includes who will fetch at the Hotel going to the destinations and  be the closed watch at Novena Church service 10:15-12:00PM, Visit the BVAI blood letting, Dine at Lucky plaza, Buy some Souvenirs, DFA, and go back to airport  and fly back to Philippines.

As planned, all went well with help of our Advisers Brod Ding, Brod Mon and Sis Gladys they escorted Hon. Brod VP - Mayor Jejomar Binay going to Novena Church. The back up meet up at Novena Brod Chander, Brod Allan (Delta), Brod Allen (Delta) together with treasurer Sis Ann. Solemnly hearing the message of the parish priest and fulfiling the hunger spirits of every FILIPINO. Mass ended Brod Binay, asked us, he wants a short chat with Pariesh priest. HE chat and later our kababayans noticed him and start getting pictures and we acted us support in helping our Kababayans make sure the photo is worth waiting there time. Side by side ensure security from time to time is at stable condition and enjoyable. Few more minutes, picture taking is finished. Brod Binay mentioned  and invited Brothers and Sisters lets dine together for lunch. I will see you later.

Then Brod Mon and Ding  and Sis Gladys accompany Brod Binay at BVAI blood letting teaming with other Brods waiting at Outram Area. They are Brother VP Armin, Brod Raffy, Brod Mike, Brod Omen, and Brod Alvin. Its a quick pass because the service was almost finished when they reached the place.

Then they go straight at lucky plaza. This Lucky Plaza is a mall where our remittance center with small stalls and filipino foods are available. Almost all Filipinos stay there during Sunday, but the most peak pay day happened to be  that day because its pay day. Imagine MRT at Cubao where you banging bodies with everyone, same here.

Immediately, table was secured in preparation of coming of brods and sis and dining with VP - Mayor Brod Binay. Brod Jay clicks his picture every now and then, ensuring all angles of fellowship is captured. What a happy moment of sharing I can see the face of Brod Mon with a s smile while Brod Binay ensuring all Brods and Sis have taken the wonderful lunch prepared by Sis Ann.

While we were waiting for the food Brod Binay go to each table and greeting our Kababayans and taking the moment with pictures. Quite surprise because all Filipino dining were prepared with cameras. We (brod Omen, Brod Chander, Brod Mon, Brod Allen, and Brod Allan) aided the kababayans taking the moment with pictures. While Brod Jay zooms in his camera getting the smile and quick acts of brods and sis.

It takes less than hour for that event and we went out roam around and hear the cheer for  Brod VP - Mayor Jejomar Binay.

We stopped at one souvenir items looking for memorable figurines that will add to Brod Binay Collections. He chose unique but best buy. While Brod Binay is doing his chores the Brods and Sis, Officers, and Advisers wait wittingly.

When He is about to go Brod Jay saw Batch 69 Delta Brod who is roaming around together with his family and immediately introduce to Brod Binay and grasp the hand and waived to the spouse and son of Brod Tony Manalo of Delta AAUS. What an enjoying scene to see the  Brod Bennie (visiting) Alpha US Citizen and Brod Binay chat with each other. Look on the the Senior Brods chat! Nevertheless, this scene never escape with Brod Jay click shot.

Time has come and Brother BInay was escorted to Terminal 2 flying back to Philippines. Thanks to undying help and service of our Advisers Brod Ding, Brod Mon and Sis Gladys until the closure of the event. Truly its worth remisnicing. Again Thanks for the support for each and everyone...

May we always be...

Brod Chander