July 19 to 22, 2012: It was late night on the 19th of July when the NEB delegates arrived at Singapore from Manila. A warm welcome greeted them at the airport as they all make their way to Costa Sands Downtown East Resort. The reception followed with a sumptuous dinner and what more a good way to start off the event but with a fellowship on the first night. The next day followed with the Executive Council meeting, a full day of mind twisting and hypnotising agenda; at least for me..
Now seriously, it was a day well spent listening to our Executive Council talk it out. Every one was happy with their NEB Kits containing some basic stuffs like an NEB polo shirt, NEB IDs, Singapore information kit and a face towel to wipe of their sweat due to the humid Singapore weather. The day ended early; at least for the meeting.. and yes, you are correct… we are all hungry so we must make our way to the City to have a dinner at Makansutra, a hangout for hungry people… But before all of that, we must make ourselves more hungry by doing a short City tour. A visit at Singapore is not complete without a picture with the fabled Merlion, the symbol of Singapore's prosperity and success. Well everyone knows how the day ends isn't it…? The third day of the event concludes the National Executive Board meeting, this days meeting was swift and direct. A report of where we are and a pipeline of whats to come is discussed in detail. Again, I will ask if you know how the day ended? You are right!, a grand fellowship complete with all the perks. Some games, and a lot of time to get together… The silence of the Resort was blanketed with cheer and laughter as we make joy for a successful event. It was indeed the first time the National Executive Board held its grand meeting overseas and Singapore was fortunate enough to be chosen. The hard work of the APOAAS NEB committee, its members, officers and advisers paid off with its success. All those sleepless nights and tireless days was awarded by commendations… Salute! See you all soon on the next NEB…!
Please check out the youtube links to have a glimpse of how the 5th NEB at Singapore feels like: