Alpha Phi Omega learning Center or better known as APOLC is an initiative oraganized by Alpha Phi Omega to provide free education to indigent children. APOLC Angono was founded by APO Ang ALAS on the year 2010 and since then APOAAS was closely working with them as a part of the contributors for financial support.

March 25, 2012 marks an important day for all of us since we have helped to give eduction to those who can not afford it and maybe sometime produce the next generation of leaders. Indirectly we have helped on molding the childrens future to become good citizens with the proper start of education and to at least one day exemplify the ideals of our beloved Alpha Phi Omega, which is Being a Leader, a Friend, and Being of Service.

I would like to extend our gratitude to the APOLC administrators, organizers, sponsors and APO Ang ALAS for making the APOLC concept a reality and now a success! Mabuhay kayo mga kapatid! Mabuhay ang Alpha Phi Omega!