SOS(Save our Souls, Help!)...? What does it mean to you? According to, it is the letters represented by the morse code signal “… --- …”, used as an international  distress signal or a call for HELP. Yes, Help!

To our brethren, Alpha Phi Omega, SOS is a common call for support or back-up those who need  help or those who are in trouble. We respond to this call with the undying principle that binds  us together to serve humanity and once again will answer the call with cheerfulness, passion,  hope and faith to our fellow kababayans at the Filipino Workers Resource Centre.


It was April 28, 2012; a group of APOAAS delegates visited our kababayans at FWRC, a sanctuary  often referred to as a shelter. The concourse was started by a prayer and followed by sumptuous  meal. It seemed that the eating session was quite too late for lunch, and so we just considered  it as our mirienda. It was definitely a good appetizer to roll the moments as this had given us  some energy and enthusiasm in the eyes of our Kababayans and APOAAS delegates. Therefore our  leader says “We are ready”!!!

It was followed by some introduction which came first from our side. We assured that each of  the individual can talk at that right time to take away the tension and awkwardness surrounded  within that area. It was certainly useful since some of us are strangers to them. After the brief introductions, our kababayans prepared some dance number to entertain us all.  This was followed by a song from Bro. Jeffrey Balili which was truly mesmerizing. Those moments  were enjoyed with cheer and slowly it took away memories of hardships and remorse that happened  to some of our fellow kababayans while they were here in Singapore.

As a common tradition, we divided the whole crowd into groups so that the counselling and peer  discussion would be easier. Each of the APOAAS delegates served as the counsellor or the  adviser.There were heaps of unfortunate experiences from them to tell about. To sum it, some of their  expectations while they were still coming here in Singapore were not the way it happened. This  was absolutely not the way they want it to be, but then again, life has its own way of testing  our strengths and weaknesses. Frustration, grief, loneliness, disappointment and failure were  covering their spirits. Well, that’s our job, lift their spirits and help them stand up again  to face the tests and challenges.

As the Scripture says: “My thoughts say the Lord,” are not like yours, and my ways are  different from yours, As high as the heavens are above, the earth, so high are my ways and  thoughts above yours.” – Isaiah 55: 8-9

This serves as a motivation from our Organization to keep them on the race even if they are  lost on their tracks.  Let’s share with them the hope and faith. Where they are today is not  yet the end of their journey. Indeed, the event was really fun and heart-warming. Obviously we developed a good relationship  with them and we successfully conveyed the message that we wanted. The visit ended by donating  some supplies that they would best fit their daily needs.

Applause to our beloved organization, Alpha Phi Omega and its Alumni Association in Singapore,  as its delegates slowly adjourns the activity at the shelter with a smile and hope in our hearts.

Article written by: Jeff "Bagtok" Balili